Columbia Basin Trust: A Story of People, Power and Region United

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Correction to the intro text. The Columbia River does not flow through Montana. Columbia River tributaries do flow in Montana and Montana is part of the Columbia Basin watershed: Stretching 2,000 kilometres across two countries, the Columbia River runs through British Columbia, Oregon and Washington before it meets the Pacific Ocean.

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Correction to caption. Rock Island Dam was the first dam on the Columbia River to be completed in 1932. Bonneville Dam was the second. Although Grand Coulee Dam, completed in 1941, was the largest dam built on the Columbia River, the first one completed was Rock Island Dam, in December 1932. Bonneville Dam (pictured) was the second dam completed. It too drew many visitors, who flocked to the site when it opened in 1938.

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Correction to the images and caption. Four top colour photos represent the 1969 Trail Creek flood in Trail. Communities across the Columbia Basin were devastated by the 1948 flood. In British Columbia, the city of Trail was hit particularly hard, as waters surged up to 46.17 feet by June 11 and remained above the danger level of 40 feet for 23 days before dropping. Downtown residents and business owners used boats to navigate Bay and Dewdney Avenues, while all residents were asked to plug their sewer drains to avoid backups and the potential spread of disease. Pumps, struggling to keep pace with the rising river, ran constantly on both sides of the city to drain water away from homes and businesses. Downtown businesses closed their doors as water seeped in through the windows and nearly 100 families were forced to evacuate their homes. When the three-week fight was finally over, newspapers celebrated the victory, and residents breathed a sigh of relief as they began to repair the damage.

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Correction to the text. The Treaty dams were not North America’s largest hydropower project. Grand Coulee was the largest completed in 1941. With an agreement in place and dam construction set to begin, these massive hydropower projects were under way.

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Correction to the spelling of Jo Brown’s name.

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